This House is a Reward from God – Naomi Fobamiya

This House is a Reward from God – Naomi Fobamiya

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Naomi a single mother, arrived Abuja in 2003 for her compulsory National Youth service. She had lost her parents quite early and had to take full responsibility for raising her younger siblings.

After her youth service, she squatted in a couple of places and was in fact thrown out of a particular house she stayed. She began searching for a job to make ends meet and get a basic shelter at the very least. She eventually got one and began seeking for an affordable housing scheme that could enable her to own a home through installment payments. She tried her hands on various options, but none seemed to work out. The bottlenecks varied from difficult repayment terms to land development issues among others.

Relentless despite the setbacks to her homeownership dream, during the covid-19 lockdown, she and her son began to search for affordable housing opportunities. In her words “We were searching for a decent house with a payment option I could afford.” In this quest, they stumbled on an online advert regarding affordable houses being provide by Fuller. Coincidentally, she got to the office and her colleague handed a flyer for affordable homes and behold it was the same organization. She decided to take the first step by calling the contact on the flyer for further enquiries and booked an appointment.

Naomi visited the GrandLuvu3B estate and was impressed with the buildings, layout, and surrounding ambience. In her words “The houses are of a good quality, well-spaced and the environment is serene, allowing for privacy which suites my reserved personality quite well and most importantly, the payment terms are affordable.”

She got an application form, and then proceeded to raise the initial down-deposit that was required by Fuller to enable her to commence the homeownership process.

Soon after the completed the process, she signed the relevant agreements. The smile on her face as the keys to her house was handed over to her reflected a deep-seated joy and fulfilment.

On how she feels about owning her own home, Naomi responded, “I am so thankful; Fuller has helped me to have a property document with my name on it, I feel this house is a reward from God for years of labour, raising my younger ones.”