The CEO of the Millard Fuller Foundation, Sam Odia, has advocated for truly affordable and decent housing for the poor.

In a press release to mark the World Homeless Day, Odia said, “Nigeria’s case is unique in the sense that we have a 17million housing deficit. This is further worsened by Boko Haram insurgency and farmers/herders clashes. Millions have been rendered homeless, while properties running into hundreds of millions of dollars have been destroyed.”

“While it is highly imperative for the government to focus more on social housing, there is also the urgent need for developers in Nigeria to focus more on building truly affordable and decent homes that ordinary Nigerians can afford. Research has shown that 77.7% of Nigerians belong to the bottom mass market and can only afford homes that are within a certain range.”

“Several years ago, in collaboration with some of our partners, we built and sold our first set of basic studio apartments for as little as N240,000.00 ($661USD) with a 5-year mortgage. Though we’ve adopted a more sustainable business model, we are convinced that concentrating more on building more affordable homes will take a lot of homeless persons off the streets.”

An affiliate of the Fuller Center for Housing Inc. GA, USA, The Millard Fuller  Foundation seeks to provide on a sustainable basis, affordable housing for all people in need by promoting collaborative and innovative partnerships with individuals and organizations.

With over 700 affordable homes, and still counting, The Millard Fuller Foundation has touched the lives of many by meeting their basic need of owning decent, basic and truly affordable homes! The organisation has not only redefined the way the average Nigerian lives, it has also given hope to those for whom owning their own homes seemed like a tall dream!

World Homeless Day is an internationally recognized day to raise awareness of the global issue of homelessness, the work being done to help those affected by it, and to call for an end to homelessness once and for all. It is celebrated on the 10th day of October every year.