On Friday, 7th April 2017, the Marketing and Communications team of the Millard Fuller Foundation were at the Abuja office of APIN Public Health Initiatives to deliver a Public Information Seminar on affordable housing.

The team which was made up of Mr. Theophilus Damap (Head, Community Development) and Mr. John Olugbemi (Ag. Head, Marketing Communications) was welcomed by Mr. Oyewole Oduwusi, the Senior Officer–Human Resource APIN Public Health Initiatives at 11am.

The seminar was put together with the aim of providing an opportunity for the low-income staff of APIN to own houses at the Fuller Grand-Luvu Estate, Masaka, near Abuja.

Mr. Theophilus Damap delivered the 40-minute seminar at the ultra-modern conference room of APIN, after which the attendees had the opportunity to watch an affordable housing video by Millard Fuller Foundation.

Visibly impressed by the presentation, the staff of APIN asked several questions as regards the GrandLuvu project, ranging from the site location, security in and around the GrandLuvu Estate, infrastructures, the total number of units available for purchase, payment options available for them, and the distance from the estate to APIN office. These questions and concerns were dealt with to the satisfaction of the staff present.

Mr. Oyewole Oduwusi of APIN thanked the staff of the Millard Fuller Foundation for honouring their invitation to come and deliver the Public Information Seminar at their office. While reacting also, Dr. Patrick Akande, the Associate Director for Care and Treatment, APIN, commended the Fuller Center for doing a great job of providing affordable houses for Nigerians and said that APIN will encourage its staff to take advantage of the Fuller project by owning their own housing unit.

APIN Public Health Initiatives is an NGO with offices in four states of the federation namely Abuja, Jos, Lagos and Ibadan, whose mission is to provide cutting-edge, innovative and sustainable approaches to address diseases of public health importance through effective programme management, service delivery, capacity building, research, strategic information and advocacy, in partnership with other stakeholders.

The Public Information Seminar (PINS) is a weekly seminar delivered by the Fuller Center which affords the general public the opportunity of keeping abreast with the developments, initiatives and projects of the Millard Fuller Foundation.