On Monday, 5th February, 2018, the Marketing and Communications team of the Millard Fuller Foundation were at the Kaura Ultra-Modern Market (Opposite Prince & Princess Estate) Abuja to deliver a Public Information Seminar (PINS) on affordable housing and the Fuller housing model.

The seminar which coincided with the first official opening prayer of the year for the market, was put together by the market’s Association with the aim of empowering the members with the required information needed to buy into the Fuller project.

The Chairman, Kaura Market Women Traders Association, Paschal Emeka of APIN thanked the Millard Fuller Foundation for honouring their invitation to deliver the Public Information Seminar at the market and also commended its great job of providing affordable houses for Nigerians and low income earners.

The Public Information Seminar (PINS) is a weekly seminar designed by the Millard Fuller Foundation to keep the general public abreast with the developments, initiatives and projects of the Millard Fuller Foundation. It holds every Friday at the corporate headquarters of the Millard Fuller Foundation at10:00am and is also delivered outside the organization on request by corporate organizations and groups.