For Jacob Zakariya, a gardener and security officer who joined the Millard Fuller Foundation in 2012, owning a house of his own had always been his desire.

From Kwagiri-Baju village in Kachiya local government area of Kaduna state Nigeria, Jacob got married in 1998 and is blessed with five children.

Speaking about his journey to owning his own home, he said, “After working with Standard Plastic Company, Kano, I relocated to Abuja in search of greener pastures. I eventually got a job with the National Assembly as a gardener and from there I moved on to the Millard Fuller Foundation.

As a father and a husband, my ultimate desire was to provide basic shelter for my family as the condition under which my wife and children were living was not what I wanted. Then, I heard about the Fuller Housing Project and indicated interest; my reasons were numerous. I knew owning my own house would give me the ability to save more money for school fees, family upkeep and other things.

I wasn’t given preferential treatment as a staff as I went through the required processes just like every other applicant, and today I am not just a house owner, my family now live in a decent accommodation.

Fuller gave me a great opportunity to become a house owner as I never dreamt of owning a home because of my present economic condition. But today, my dream has come to reality.”