For Mrs. Damaris Aliyu Dogara, the first homeowner at the GrandLuvu Estate, constantly seeing VIPs brought in to the GrandLuvu estate by the Management and Staff of the Fuller Center was no longer a strange thing.

From important government dignitaries to even the foreigners whom she referred to as ‘Oyinbos’, it had become the norm, since the estate was one of its kind.

That Friday for her would forever remain a memorable one. She had just arrived from the hospital after the birth of her first child the previous day, tired and exhausted, the joy of holding her child in her hands was like no other. Visitors were coming to celebrate with her when a Management Staff of the Fuller Center came in to tell her to prepare to receive the Minister of Finance, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun.

always bringing important people to the Estate, but I never believed the most important of them all, the Finance Minister would even enter my house. It was to me like a dream when she entered into my room to greet me and my baby, “I was shocked beyond words.”

On her reaction to the visit, she said; “All I could tell the Hon. Minister of Finance was, “Madam, I see you all the time on television, never for once did I dream of it that you will one day be standing inside my room”, she said the Hon. Minister simply smiled at her and the baby, and until now, I don’t think I will ever recover from the Minister’s visit.

“To tell you how important the Minister’s visit is to me and my family, I have had to rename my daughter. We now call her “Bengum” which means “Big Woman” in my husband’s native dialect. God will continue to bless Fuller for me”.