Tony is a civil servant who is married with two sons and used to live in a rented apartment. He had always desired to know his own home but did not know how he would achieve it as all the houses he saw were not affordable to him.

Tony hails from the northern part of Nigeria and earns barely enough to take care of his immediate family, not to talk about owning a home. It seemed like a dream of the future.

He first got to know about the GrandLuvu Estate through his office. He applied for a home, went through the screening process, qualified for his home and today he now lives in one of the units in the GrandLuvu Estate developed by the Millard Fuller Foundation.

In Tony’s words: “I used to live in a rented apartment about 20km from this estate. Even though the house provided some measure of comfort, it could never be compared to this place because this is my own house. This environment is serene, the neighbourhood is safe and the air is fresh. The efforts of Fuller at developing truly affordable homes should be commended as this is enabling more persons, especially low-income earners, to have their own homes.

Tony loves his house and will not trade it for any rented apartment!