The CEO of the Millard Fuller Foundation has said that the driving force for the organization is the impact it is making in the lives of low-income earners in Nigeria. He made this statement while making a presentation on Affordable Housing at the 13th edition of the Abuja Housing Show, which held at the International Conference, Abuja, from 17th to 20th July 2019.

Speaking alongside other notable speakers in the housing value chain, Odia noted that it is the desire of the Millard Fuller Foundation to make houses truly affordable to those at the lowest end of the pyramid.

“The housing  gap in Nigeria is such a wide one; we don’t see it coming down anytime soon except there is a deliberate effort to bridge the gap. Many of those who are truly in need of these houses cannot afford it and we strongly feel we have been called to meet this yearning demand,” Odia said.

He further stated that the joy of seeing someone who never dreamt of owning a home living in their own home is what has kept the organisation going.

The largest housing expo in Africa, the Abuja International Housing Show, brings together foremost housing experts from around the world to discuss and display sector trends.