The warm smile on his face when he opened the door to welcome us to his house at the GrandLuvu Estate is a clear testimony of a man who was at peace with himself and his environment.

Jonah Onoja is a bachelor in his early 30’s. An indigene of Kogi State, North-Central Nigeria, Onoja ekes a living as a commercial taxi driver who specializes in inter-state transport services.

“I came to Abuja four years ago” he said. “It wasn’t easy initially as I had to put-up with my sister who was a homeowner at the Old Fuller Estate”.

“As comfortable as she wanted to make me feel, my desire was to have a place of my own”.

“Coincidentally, I happened to be passing by when the GrandLuvu public awareness campaign was taking place. There, the Executive Director herself handed over a flier to me”.

“When I got to my sister’s house where I was staying at the time, I studied the flier and decided to attend the Public Information Seminar (PINS) the following Friday to see how I could become a homeowner”.

Onoja who attended the seminar along with others said it did not take long for him to make up his mind with regards to purchasing one of the units at the GrandLuvu Estate. “I bought an application form” he said, “and though it wasn’t easy, I went ahead to meet the necessary requirements and today, I am not just a proud home owner, I am my own landlord”.

When asked what his chief motivating factors were, Onoja said; “The fact that I don’t like paying rent and the fact that I love to be comfortable were two factors that motivated me”. “Though it takes courage to move a mountain, the fact that I am enjoying comfort in my own house makes the whole effort worth it”.

“The Estate is relatively quiet. I must confess that it has been peaceful, and the security guards are working hard to keep us safe and secured” he said.

Onoja, who earns an average of N45,000 (less than $100) monthly from his commercial transport business has been living at the GrandLuvu Estate for about 8 months now.