Mrs Kikelomo Balogun, a proud homeowner from the Millard Fuller Foundation shared her background and story in appreciation of the apartment she can now call hers.   Originally from Ogun state and blessed with 4 children {3 biological and 1 adopted}, Mrs Balogun was based in Lagos, where she worked as a school teacher, before relocating to Abuja in the year 2000 after her retirement. Mrs kikelomo, who is a caterer at Games Village, could not make enough income to take care of her immediate needs, and was given a quit notice by her landlord. Thus, she no longer had a place to go to for shelter.

With four children to take care of and no house to live in, things were not easy for her as she had lost her husband who had been a pillar and support to her and her children. But then, all hope was regained as she was fortunate to meet a friend at the Federal Housing Estate who told her about the Fuller Centre for Housing and their vision in making affordable houses available to the low income earners.

Mrs Balogun acted on the information she received to secure a decent apartment for her and her children by coming to Millard Fuller Foundation; she followed the necessary processes, met the necessary conditions and was eventually given a key to her own place.

The joy and freedom she enjoys as a homeowner and the burden that has been taken off her is something she is yet to describe fully. Feeling very comfortable with the style and look of her house, she has this to say: “I am happy with the structure of the house, especially the large space. The room has swallowed up my bed, because it is very spacious and I like the kitchen too, and cannot wait to use it well because I love to cook.”

 Mrs Kikelomo, a very willing and inquisitive home owner, before she moved into her home, also made enquiries about the safety and peace of the environment; she can testify that it is a secure, friendly and peaceful place to have a home and raise a family, especially after her many struggles in time past. Focusing on her daily catering business to provide for her daily bread without harassment from any landlord is all she enjoys now.