We walked in on Elisha Zekeri as he was giving two of his sons a haircut in his home on the GrandLuvu 1 Estate. A father of three boys, Elisha is a building engineer by profession but the irregular nature of his job made him to seek other money-making alternatives, and he discovered fish farming.

On the choice of fish farming, Elisha noted that he has always been intrigued by the different species of fish and when he had an opportunity to delve into food farming, fish was all he could think of. This has enabled him to take care of every member of his family and pay his bills.

Elisha, who is in his early forties, hails from the North Central region of Nigeria. An easy-going man, Elisha was excited to receive us in his premises, even as we commended his barbing skills.

“Yes, I personally give my sons their haircut, even though barbing is not something I want to do professionally,” Elisha responded as we commended his skills, “I love to spend time with my children as much as I can.”

On living in the serene Grand Luvu Estate, he said, “The GrandLuvu Estate is a peaceful place to be. Ever since I moved in here about one year ago, none of my sons has fallen ill. Apart from their monthly routine medical check-up, I have not spent money on hospital bills since I got into this estate.”

He also spoke about safety. “Though I rarely entertain visitors or go out at night, the estate is safe as we have not recorded any robbery incident.”