Born in 1965 into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Ishaku Kantiyak in a village called Abet Kufai in Zangon Kataf Local Government Area of Kaduna state, Mr. Sunday Ishaku is a staff of The Millard Fuller Foundation and married with four children.

He had his primary and secondary education in Sokoto State after which he relocated to his hometown to farm. Though he later got employed in 1991 at a textile industry in Kaduna, he no sooner returned to his village to continue with his first love – farming.

“I had always been an ambitious person, and this prompted me to move to Nasarawa State in search of a better life in 2011. Shortly after I arrived, I got a job with a farm. I worked with them for a while, but I resigned and took up employment in a school for a period of seven months.”

“I got to know of Fuller Housing through a friend who worked there; he told me there was a vacancy for a security guard and asked that I apply. I did and shortly afterwards, I got employed in 2014. Not long afterwards, I was encouraged to apply for the housing programme. I went through the required processes and today, I am a beneficiary.”

“In fact, I thank God for this because I can’t say it is because of my struggles that I now own a home of my own; but because God wants me to know that with him everything can be possible.”

“I had moved from one job to another without achieving anything, not knowing that God wanted me to have house of my own. I worship him forever.”