The first general meeting of the Fuller Housing Cooperative held on Saturday, 18th January 2019. The meeting had in attendance 23 members whose desire it is to own their own homes.

Speaking to members during the meeting, the President of the Fuller Housing Cooperative, Sam Odia said, The whole concept of housing cooperative is not new in the world, there are many countries that have been doing this for many years. In Africa, Kenya has become very advanced in housing cooperatives. They have a lot of housing cooperatives, It is therefore our desire that this housing cooperative platform to bring people together to put aside money to make savings together, so that they are able to plug into houses that they can afford.”

He further said that for those who may have family members or friends who want to become a part of the cooperative but are not resident in Abuja, they could become members from any part of the world. All they would need to do is to visit the cooperative website, fill the registration form and pay their registration fee using a secure payment platform.

While responding, some of the members expressed their joy at the noble initiative. A member, Isa Dogo Moni, said having a home of his own has always been his desire. He made a commitment to be consistent with his savings to enable him to save up his equity, which will eventually help him secure his own house.

The Fuller Housing Cooperative was established with the sole aim of proffering solutions to the lingering challenges encountered daily by potential homeowners in raising equity for homeownership. Its mission is to remove the barriers to decent and affordable homeownership for the common man using the cooperative model.

The Fuller Housing Cooperative Society Limited will assists members to raise equity contributions/deposit for home ownership, as well as mortgage facilities from the mortgage banks, by providing access to savings, housing development and mortgage loans for the benefit of members through the cooperative platform. The Cooperative will also deliver housing across major cities of Nigeria and also provide other related services.

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