For Suleiman Haruna who recently got married and moved into his apartment with his newly wedded wife, his joy can better be experienced than explained.

As at the time of our interview, he said: “I got married barely one month ago and this coincided with when I got the keys to move into my own house. Prior to this, I moved from one rented apartment to another and when the date for my wedding was getting closer, I approached the staff cooperative of my organisation to ask if they could link me to a developer providing affordable homes that I could key into.

They informed me about the GrandLuvu Estate developed by the Millard Fuller Foundation and asked that I visit the estate. I did and I was surprised because I never knew a place like this existed. I fell in love with the environment and I knew this was a place my newly married wife would love as well. The application process wasn’t difficult and I scaled through the screening.

I am really enjoying the facilities available in the estate. This place is comfortable, the environment is clean and the security is improving daily. I am enjoying it.

We wish Suleiman and his new bride a fun-filled life in our GrandLuvu Estate.