For Jonah Onoja, having a place to call his own was what he always dreamt of, but he did not know how it would happen. A bachelor in his early 30’s from North-Central Nigeria, Jonah believes in hard work, diligence and honesty. He takes his taxi job seriously, as that is where he gets his source of livelihood from; inter-State transport services was his specialization.

“Come into my house,” he said and we laughed calling him ‘Oga landlord’, (a term used to describe the owner of a property). The smile on his face when he ushered us into his tidy one-room apartment was the clear evidence of a man who was at peace with not just himself, but with his environment.

“Like every ambitious young man who felt there was something better somewhere else, I took my destiny into my own hands, left my village and came to Abuja four years ago,” he said. “It wasn’t easy initially, as I had to stay with my sister who coincidentally happened to have a home in one of the first estates built by Fuller Housing. She tried all that she could to ensure I was comfortable, As much as she tried, my desire to have a place I could call my own made me uneasy,” Jonah said.

On how he learnt about Fuller Housing, Jonah said, “I don’t want to believe it was mere coincidence, but rather, a divine arrangement. It was one of those days I came home quite early and decided to take a walk. Just then, I saw some staff of Fuller Housing carrying out a public awareness campaign for their new project. The Executive Director of Fuller Housing was on the awareness train and she gave a copy of the marketing flier to me.”

“When I got to my sister’s house where I was staying at the time, I studied the flier and decided there and then to attend the Public Information Seminar (PINS) which was advertised on it the following Friday so as to learn how I could become a homeowner. While the seminar was going on, my mind was made up; I was going to buy one of the housing units in the GrandLuvu Estate. I bought an application form as required and fulfilled all the necessary requirements, and today I am a proud homeowner!”

When asked what his chief motivating factors were, Onoja said, “I don’t like paying rent and I love to be comfortable; those were the two factors that motivated me. Though it takes a lot of courage to move a mountain, the fact that I am enjoying great comfort in my own house makes the whole effort worth it.”

“The GrandLuvu Estate is relatively quiet. I must confess that it has been peaceful and the security guards are working hard to keep us safe and secure,” he said.