For Patricia Onuoha, a pregnant mother of two boys, having a home to call hers is indeed a dream come true.

Patricia is a new homeowner in one of our GrandLuvu estates and with excitement, she recounted her experience to us. “I am so excited because it’s a new experience for me considering the fact that I moved in from Lagos; as you very well know, this part of the country cannot be compared to the bustle in the city of Lagos.”

An officer with the Federal Road Safety Corp, Patricia is a civil servant whose meagre pay wouldn’t otherwise have afforded her an opportunity to own a home. But this was before the cooperative scheme of her organisation introduced the staff to the GrandLuvu Estate where they could purchase their homes by making payments in instalments over several years.

She said, “I have so much peace of mind as you can clearly see. My children are safe and they are playing around freely in the children’s playground. I don’t have to constantly look out for them as the estate security guards are doing their job.”

Regarding the estate, she testified, “The estate is safe and there is no noise; my privacy is respected and the most important thing is that I now have a home of my own.”

Patricia is now happier with her job and with life in general!