A native of Ogun State, South-Western Nigeria, Sunday Fanoiki had lived in Lagos for most of his life. He is a civil servant who had been working with the Head of the Service of the Federation of Nigeria since 1990. His wife, Bunmi, is a petty trader and they have been blessed with three kids.

In 2003, Sunday was transferred to Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, but due to the high cost of securing an accommodation, he was unable to relocate with his family. “On getting to Abuja, I had to share a three bedroom flat with four other men. This was a great experience for me.”

“The living condition never got better. In the year 2004, with the introduction of the monetization scheme, we had to vacate the room that was allocated to us. This compelled me to move to Mararaba, a satellite town near Abuja, where I rented a room with no kitchen and also had to share the toilet with eight other families.”

“For me, it was a terrible condition to live in as I couldn’t allow my family to visit me, let alone come to live with me. I would rather travel to Lagos to visit and spend time with them. For several years what I earned could not allow me to rent or purchase a decent place.”

Over time, the living expenses became unbearable as he was managing two homes and had to travel to Lagos frequently to see his family. He couldn’t cope with this and therefore had to relocate his family to Abuja to stay with him in his one-room home. “My wife had to make do with cooking outside their room, my kids and wife had to share toilets with eight other families, this was very uncomfortable for them especially his kids,” Sunday said.

In 2008, Sunday was told by his colleague at work about the Fuller Housing and this he said was news that gave him great joy. “When he told me the prices that the houses were going for, I thought it was fraud. I never believed anyone or an organisation could sell houses for such low prices without profit and interest,” Sunday said.

He also said other colleagues at work did not believe and they discouraged him from making further enquiries regarding the houses, but when the situation under which his wife and kids were living became unbearable, he had to find his way to the Fuller Housing corporate office to know more. There, he was taken through the Public Information Seminar (PINS) and he became further convinced when he saw the houses at the Fuller Estate.

Today, Sunday is a proud owner of a home with adequate facilities. “What I love most is the kitchen. I can conveniently cook without being scared of dirt entering my pot of stew,” said his wife.  “My children don’t have to share toilet anymore with strangers,” said Sunday.

“We are grateful to Fuller Housing for this opportunity and God bless the founder…Fuller,” said Sunday Fanoiki.