The Fuller Estate, located in Luvu-Madaki, Masaka, near Abuja, was jointly funded by the Fuller Center for Housing Inc., Selavip International and Etex Group and came into existence in 2007. It consists of 96 units of studio apartments fitted with personal kitchens and bathrooms. The last set of houses was completed in 2013 and all the units are fully occupied.

The development was based on an innovative incremental housing model through which buyers began by assisting to build and then securing an area of the plot, which they paid for on a four-year, zero-profit, zero-interest mortgage.

The Fuller Estate is a mix of construction technology (sandcrete blocks and Nigerite-produced drywall system consisting of galvanised steel frames, boarded by composite Kalsi& PPRD material). The housing units were each built with a bathroom and kitchen. In addition, each unit was provided with a dwarf wall which defines the scope of each owner’s land.

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