Thursday, 24 December 2020 20:09

A New Home for the Idihs at Christmas

For Mr. Aaron Idih, his wife and two beautiful sons, the joy of a new home is that which came at the right time, as it coincides with the Christmas season celebrations.

First-time homeowner, Aaron Idih and his family moved into Reall’s $10k USD house developed by the Millard Fuller Foundation in Masaka, on the outskirts of the FCT, Abuja.

In the words of Aaron Idih, “The joy of moving into my own home cannot be quantified. It feels so good to be in a place where my family feels secure and my children can express themselves.” True to his words, the excitement could be seen on the faces of his young boys who were running around the house.

The CampLuvu 2 Project comprises of 24-units of semi-detached 2-bedroom apartments and 6-units of semi-detached 1-bedroom expandable to 2-bedroom apartment and 2-units of fully detached two-bedroom apartments, the project is situated in a serene environment, and designed to suit the dynamic taste of the organisation’s target market.

With facilities such as solar-powered streetlights, solar-powered overhead water tank, security and a green environment, the project which is fully funded by Reall UK is meant to provide first-time homeowners with a home of their own through convenient payment options.

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